The Tao of Badass Review – Or How To Get a Girl To Like You

The Tao of Badass reviewthe tao of badass

First I will start with why I chose to make this review. Simply – Because it works!

It worked for me, so I want to share my honest impression.

What is “The Tao of Badass”?

It is a book! A digital book by Joshua Peliicer’s (the author), that teaches you WHAT TO DO, and WHAT TO NOT DO around people you are interested in, in order to leave the best possible impression of yourself, and get them to like you!

I said “people you are interested in”, for a reason. The guide is meant to be for picking up girls, but if you master the techniques they speak about, you can use them in every social aspect of your life – friends, family, job interviews etc.

If you consider yourself an average guy, but for some reason you are not having the success with women you want (and trust me, there is a reason), I strongly recommend you try  “The Tao of Badass”. Link to the video below:

=> Link to the official website HERE

What Do You Get For Your Money?

If you expect a list of cheesy lines that will make girls wet their panties – you are very wrong! These things never work and will only embarrass you.

What Joshua explains is how to get a girl to like you, programming yourself to get out of your comfort zone, act and do things that impress girls!

If women are not attracted to you, this DOES NOT mean they don’t like you physically, and that’s it – you are just born this way. Hell, no! Most of the time it is because of your behavior, body language, your understanding of women, and mostly – the IMPRESSION you leave in people around you need to improve!picking up girls

That’s what “The Tao of Badass” is all about – showing you how to change the impression of others about you! So that you can become The BEST version of yourself, and ultimately become a pick up artist.

What does The Tao of Badass teach you:

  • Finding out what your current mistakes are and how to avoid them
  • How to battle natural communication and rejection fears
  • How to improve visual appearance with actual tips
  • How to get a girls attention with your body language
  • How to read the body language of women
  • How to approach a woman and engage a conversation
  • How to flirt with a girl and CONTROL A CONVERSATION – probably the biggest topic there.
  • How to detect the flirting signs
  • How to differentiate and behave in the different phases of a conversation (yes, there are phases)
  • How and WHEN to engage with further actions.
  • How to avoid being friend zoned
  • How to break up with a girl
  • Many other minors, yet very important, advises how to make a woman want you.

I was astonished by so many things I have never given a thought about, in my whole life! Than started doing them and immediately saw the difference!

For instance, I never thought, how I WALK, actually matters, or how to SIT on the bar chair. Crazy!

These are the first 2 things I decided to try, because they are easy to do. Plus his tips on improving body posture.
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To be honest it was a bit unnatural at first, since I have used to be the small and skinny guy in the company, who makes room for the big guys. It was more of a mental process of always telling myself “bigger steps”, “spread your legs at the chair”, “bring your chest up and shoulders back”… but when I did it for some time, I got used to it and it became my natural body position. Immediately after that I…

noticed that girls started NOTICING me!

Then I started testing all the simple tips in the book – how to touch, how to talk, how to start the conversation.

Then it was time for learning how to “read” girls – what does her body language say, or her voice, or her eyes. That helped me navigate myself in the conversation, evaluate how I am doing, or quickly change the course, if I sense I said/did something wrong.

What I Like In The Tao Of Badass

  • A simple and complete guide on how to get a girl’s attention.
    The weapons you need, the mental preparation, the approach – everything to be successful with women.
  • All of the tips are 100% doable and only limited by your will to succeed!
    No “first get wealthy, buy a better car, become bodybuilder” advises. Only things you can do TODAY!
  • Most of the tips are applicable in ALL KIND OF COMMUNICATION. Not just dating, not just face to face. You can use them in online dating, job interviews etc.
  • Will learn some basic human psychology and an ability to “read” others. This is always useful regardless where you apply it – at home, at the office, dating. If you could understand what others actually think.
  • A guide to build your best self! After applying some of the tips, you will undoubtedly improve certain aspects of your behavior, naturally get more confidence and BE MORE SUCCESSFUL WITH WOMEN!
  • When I purchased it (3 years go), it was $67. If you decide the tips are too hard for you, there is a 60 days money back guarantee! A risk-free deal!

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The Downside

I can only think of 2 “Maybe negatives”

  • It is overwhelming at first.
    There are so many tips and tricks. Reading it the first time you can’t remember everything. I was so impressed, I wanted to try everything, but they are just so many things. So at the beginning I would suggest, pick 3 things and start applying them. Then, when mastered, read it again, pick new things, test different tips, but don’t try to do everything at once.
  • You have to get out of your comfort zone.
    You will have to face your communication and rejection fears. But this is the point! You want to make a woman want you!


The Tao Of Badass works!
It worked for thousands of people, it worked for me, it WILL DEFINITELY WORK FOR YOU!

The only questions are

Is $67 a too high price for your success with women? And

How devoted are you to read and try the formula for “getting the girl”,  The Tao of Badass gives you?

If you are interested in learning and mastering the dating tips for men, here is the link to:

=> Link To The Official Tao of Badass Website

I really hope you enjoyed this article, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Let me know in the comments section anything that is in your mind.
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– Steven